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Transition Planning & Deployment

Transition planning and deployment describes the activities required in order to move a system or project into live operation. This often forgotten area is key to whether a project succeeds or fails.

Rose Consulting Services will help you understand what makes a successful transition and will guide you through what needs to be done.

Service Transition Planning and Deployment

How we can help

Our professional team will help you in successful transition planning and deployment. We will help to design and deploy a successful transition process based on best practice guidance. his will enable your business to grow more efficiently, minimising the risk to the business.

what we can do for you

Transition Planning and Deployment Services we Provide

  • Risk Management

    We will help you identify the risks associated with your transitions, and work with you to mitigate them.

  • Service Transition Process Design

    We work with your organisation to design an effective service transition process.

  • ITIL Change Management

    We will ensure your change management process is effective and efficient using ITIL's best practice framework.

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